Butterfly Gentle Yoga

June 15th - 9am

July 6th - 9am

August 10th - 9am

The Buttterfly Place - Westford, MA

Join Katie for a 60 minute Gentle Yoga class in the botanical garden surrounded by hundreds of beautiful butterflies!


Email to sign up : katierileyyoga@gmail.com


Baahmaste Goat Yoga

June 15th - 1pm

June 22nd - 10am

June 23rd - 11am

June 29th - 11am

At Good Pickin' Farm

The goal of Goat Yoga is to provide a joyful experience that improves mental and physical health though the healing powers of nature and animals. Baby goats may jump on your back, or come lay on your mat for snuggles. Please be mindful that clothes may get dirty, and consider bringing a towel to lay on top of your mat. (There are mats available at the farm)

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Basking with Bunnies

June 15th 11:30am

June 22nd 11:30am

June 23rd 12:30pm

June 29th 12:30pm

Good Pickin' Farm

Come snuggle some bunnies and do a little yoga at the same time! This class is about renewing and restoring with the bunnies. We will move through some light stretching and movement mixed with restorative yoga poses. Hop on over for a relaxing morning!

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